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Only Computer can Multitask

Yes, only computers can do that kind of thing. Multitasking can happen if the computer has enough memory to permit the process or task for running. Memory in a computer work likes a set of many many wells. A number of wells can be filled up with electrons (information) for one process and another wells can be filled up with information for another process. To work a process, a number of wells are needed, depend on the weight of the process. If the process is hard, then it needs more number of wells or bigger memory. If it is a simple task, then it doesn’t need to have big memory. There is why computer with bigger memory can do more task or process at a time. 

Maybe you would think, “If I have enough memory, then probably I can do multitask like computer do”. Well that is what I am thinking right now. How can human brain work like computer’s memory do? This idea strikes me, until realizing that this idea means that the creator wants to be the creation. Our brain is superior than the memory of a computer. It can grab much more information than a computer.

If you are students, then you need to see this article that explains what your professors think of multitasking. There is proof that human can’t maintain their performance if they multitasking. 

If you still thinking on wanted to do work like a computer do, then look at this humanbrainproject. Experts are trying to understand human brain, and by doing that, they want to create a new world of free brain disease and technology. As I quote from the project vision page, “If we can rise to the challenge, we can gain profound insights into what makes us human, develop new treatments for brain diseases and build revolutionary new computing technologies.” 

Think again!


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