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Hourglass model on writing good essay

This is part of assignment for MSM ITB course of Research Method in Management by Prof. C.W. Watson.

The first time I heard about Hourglass model on writing good essay from Prof. Watson, I think straight to philosophical matter. As in an hourglass the sand is dribbling down, the flow of thinking and typing also dribbling down. In producing writing I often seek information as much as possible to fill my head, and this is similar with one side of hourglass with full sand. Then there will be time to grab my pen or put my hand on keyboard, flipping the hourglass, and start to dribble down the sand. But there were no process of adding the sand in hourglass, filling the head with new information, except at first time the hourglass was produced when it’s empty. I was wrong to think the model in such way. After searching references on the web, I can have better understanding on what is the meaning of Hourglass model on writing good essay, which is to construct the essay with a structure of an hourglass.

The hourglass is a model which shows the dynamic of a text from opening to its closure, shifting from the general introduction, through to the specific argument, and finally back to the general conclusions and implications for the field[1]. From this definition, we can say that by structuring the essay with hourglass model is to do induction first than deduction.

And here I were wrong, too quick to jump on conclusion, for writing essay Prof Watson said don’t make it too complicated by thinking on deductive or inductive in writing essay.

In first part of the essay or the introduction, we should use induction approach which explained from what the data is given or obtained or by starting with the background of the essay and the issue that want to be discussed in general.  Than writing continue to discuss the issue in specific manner with thorough analysis and appropriate methods.  In this part of essay or Body section, author should express on how to solve the issue that was explained in introduction. The body of a paper reports on the actual research done to answer the research question or problem identified in the introduction[2].

Finally, the other part which is the big bottom part of hourglass is Discussion and Conclusion. In this section, author will need to bring the specific into general again, but this time the purpose is to invite readers to join the discussion. Author can ask readers on what may become the problem with the analysis and method that author use in essay, but cannot be solved when the essay was written, or by stating the hope of future use of the essay by the other.

With the hourglass model on writing essay, it may be easier for author to write good and systematic essay. About the information gathering I stated in the beginning, I still think that it is an important process on writing a good essay. Maybe it is another topic to be discussed, more on the preparation of writing an essay. []

[1] http://www4.caes.hku.hk, website of Centre for Applied English Studies The University of Hong Kong

[2] Derntl, M., 2003. Basics of Research Paper Writing and Publishing.


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