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the show must go on

Why is it so hard to make a living?
People must do their chorus
People must breath, eat, have a shelter and cloth
Just one from those thing that free
or someone will fare as no more clean someday

Is it so god damn hard to make a living?
Money come from everything they say
Money is not the real problem they spoke
There’s something higher than money
Make that as your target, money will follow
Tell that to homeless n hear what they say

I just wanna eat
the same food you threw when you full
Just wanna have warm bed and clean sheet
This thing you see is how we make a living
Don’t have parents cover fare
Don’t have things to sell
We just want to live
so give us money n walk away

Yes it’s hard to make a living
but life must go on
whether you feel joy or sorrow
don’t waste your time to fill your own
You start with other don’t have
proper for you to think other
as for me it hard to think
what to eat and where to sleep today


About Abu Razka

Saya hanya seorang manusia biasa yg sejak kecil gemar berpikir dan "melihat" sekitar.


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